Your Mantra for Corporate Success

Posted on: Saturday, August 10, 2013

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We all might be very good Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, or HR Managers, but are we good Mind Managers?

Have you observed how many times you go off-center at work – taking some irrational decisions, getting angry, feeling frustrated, feeling anxious about the future, or regretting about things in the past?

To be a true corporate, what is needed is expertise at two things. First is knowledge about your work and second is the skill to be centered enough to be able to use that knowledge effectively no matter how many challenges throw themselves at us.

For instance, say you have made an amazing product and you get some feedback to make it better. However, you feel a little offended or even feel a little anxious or irritated about the feedback. This might be on your mind for quite some time.

Now, if you knew how to handle your mind, you would have probably taken the feedback in the right spirit.

Meditation makes you a good mind manager.

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