Vedic Wisdom program at Art of Living International Ashram (Only for Internationals)

Posted on: Friday, August 2, 2013

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The Art of Living International center, Bangalore introduces "International Vedic Wisdom" (For both males and females and only for Internationals).

Vedic Wisdom program offers you a unique opportunity to receive a new birth in the spiritual word towards a higher knowledge of the self. Bangalore Ashram invites you to spend four weeks in scenic environs chanting vedic mantras and learning the ancient sacred ceremonies.

This year the program will be open for participants from all over the world, both males and females! A unique opportunity to learn more about the ancient Vedic knowledge and how it applies to and is relevant in today's modern world...

To read about the first Vedic Wisdom Program that happened last year, people's experiences, etc see:

For more details on this year's program, the eligibility criteria, and other details, or to register for the program, please visit:

Please help us SPREAD THE WORD to all those that might be interested and dont hesitate to contact the details mentioned over the above link should you need any further info.

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