From weeds to good deeds

Posted on: Monday, August 12, 2013

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He was barely 21 when he was hailed as an ace fashion photographer.

He was barely 21 when he became a chain smoker.

He was barely 21 when lung cancer came knocking on his door.

"One Monday morning, as I was riding in high speed to college, I suddenly experienced an intense pain in my heart region. I crashed and fell on the road. I went to the doctor and informed him about my life and my junk-food diet. He told me it was not just localized pain but a mild attack that I had experienced."

"I was feeling heavy in the lungs, and on further check-up, another shocker came my way. I was diagnosed with first-stage lung cancer," Shantha says.

At the peak of his career, he earned great sums and had the most desirous lifestyle for a young man, but it was impossible for him to drop the addictions. In spite of the grim news at such a young age, Shantha chose to stick to his hectic work. He says that it was difficult to leave the work.

Elaborating on the beginning of his downfall, he reveals that it was in school when his seniors got him addicted to smoking. "Friends and smoking both came along to college, and here I was introduced to alcohol,” he says.

It was then that the models, tour managers, and clients from the glamour world introduced him to drugs too. His company moved base to Mumbai for ease of operations. Shantha began to travel to Mumbai on weekends.

He was smoking about 90 cigarettes a day now, alcohol was like drinking water, and doping happened at dawn and dusk. "This," he says, "became a prerequisite for my creativity."

This young man was at the peak of success at 21 and at the same time was climbing the ladder of downfall but he saved his life. Want to know how? Click here to know............

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