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Posted on: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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 July 28th 2013 call with UK IAHV Team, Dhwani and Sangita Gujarati:

- Swamiji and Ground Zero Volunteers are working in very remote areas and higher altitudes with limited to none cell connectivity. So we could not get an update from Ground. We had Sangita Gujrati ,  IAHV India Lead who shared the accomplishments, challenges and future plans. 
- For all the new comers to this project, welcome and to read about Art of Living intervention in past 1.5 months, please click here
- First Phase of evacuation, rescue; immediate medical relief  is over. Now we are moving into second phase where the relief ( Medical relief, trauma relief, distribution of relief aids) continues . Click here and here for pics. 
-Giving food and medicines isn't sufficient. People are  traumatized with loss of loved ones.  We have invited more volunteers and teachers to take trauma relief to a larger scale. Sudarshan Kriya /Breath Water Sound is re kindling hope in hearts of people frozen by fear and trauma of extreme material and emotional loss. Click Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3
- Dr. Harish and team in Srinagar are providing medical check ups; treating water borne diseases; injuries etc. Click here for pic. Teams of Volunteers are also cleaning the debris and slits as the water level recedes. Pictures can be found here . Volunteers are trekking long distances with relief materials on their back to provide relief to remote villages which are disconnected by the landslides and floods. Click here and  for pic. 
- There has been focus on children particularly. Some of the children have lost one parent and/or both parents. Single mothers are finding it difficult to support their children back into school. We are looking into possibility of starting a shelter home for them and to see how to support their education.. In the past,post Kashmir earth quake,  we took orphan children and hosted them in separate boys and girls hostel. We had started a school, where these kids would continue their education. We are thinking on the same lines for affected children of Uttarakhand. 
- We are waiting for Government to announce the strategy of rebuilding the infrastructure. Many places, villages, roads, bridges have been completely washed away. Once it is announced, we will work with Government in reconstructing hospitals, schools, homes etc. We are also in talks with local administration to see how accessibility via roads can be restored in affected areas. So it will be a little while before we have a finalized rehabilitation plan, but our work continues at various locations to cater to the need of the hour. Our Volunteers along with local villagers are building temporary roads; so we can transport the relief material to disconnected areas. 
- Localities have lost loved ones, livelihood, lands, animals. Government has announced that it will 3 years to normalize again before the area is opened up for pilgrimage and tourism. Art of Living Volunteers will do skills training, vocational training, empowering the localities to resume earning again. 
- We have a light a home project in India. Solar power lamps operated by solar energy will be installed in affected areas by Art of Living. Right now we are distributing solar lanterns to villagers. These lamps are serving as only source of light for villagers where electricity will take months before it gets restored. 
Highlights of UK IAHV Team : All GP satsangs in UK were dedicated to Uttarakhand. Videos/Pic/PPT and stories were shared in every GP satsang and contributions were collected. Press release were made in Hindi and English to UK newspapers. Pawan has identified a BBC correspondent contact in Uttarakhand. Global IAHV leads have been invited to join us in Uttarakhand Relief Initiative. 
- Please reach out to us if you need any additional information, promotional materials, press release info.. 
At your service,
Shailen @ IAHV UK Relief Team (07827-33-1342)
Dhwani @ IAHV USA Relief Team (201 681 5432

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