Bohr & Sri Sri - A crazy connection

Posted on: Monday, August 12, 2013

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In the beginning of twentieth century, Neils Bohr conceived the first quantum mechanical model of the atom-which could explain why there are distinct colors in star lights for example. Another giant who found out the nature of electrons and the principle that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state-was Wolfgang Pauli. His principle made it possible for Bohr to explain the placement of the chemical elements in periodic table!

Thirty years later, Pauli along with Heisenberg were in the lounge with Bohr, wanting his opinion on their theory about sub nuclear particles.

Bohr told them - "Your theory is crazy. The question is- is it crazy enough to be true?!"

A few hundred years before Bohr, Galileo extended our eyes to enable us to see the moons of Jupiter. Graham Bell extended our powers of speech and hearing to be able to hear and speak out to unseen distances. Wright brothers extended our limbs into the wings of flight. Today we have devices that can fit hundreds of microchips in the space of a fingernail, beyond the reach of even the finest human artisan.

We spend so many years learning just the basics about these upgrades of our external senses. But neither at home nor at school are we taught the technology, the science, the art that can extend our internal senses – how to keep the mind free, intellect keen-free from boredom and memory free from negativity.

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