Art of Living Oman ties up with G4S for charity

Posted on: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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The Art of Living (AOL) chapter of Oman lives the true spirit of Ramadan every year by collecting and distributing foodstuff to the needy ones living in the villages, spread in the deep interiors of the country. The most useful of foodstuffs like rice, flour, sugar, milk powder and cooking oil are donated by people from all segments of Oman society that are then collected by our volunteers and distributed throughout the country.

This year, the foundation tied up with G4S, the world’s leading international security solutions group, to deliver over a tonnes of items to residents of Al Khoud, Amerat, Mudhaibi, Nizwa, Ibri, Muttrah district, and several labour camps in Muscat. The idea behind starting the Food stuff distribution drive was to bring together members of the community, from all walks of life, to work together and experience the spirit of volunteerism. “Ramadan offered us the opportunity not only to look inward and evolve as better individuals, but also to observe the world around us with genuine compassion.

Volunteers of the foundation, Men and women, young and old, all joined in to foster solidarity, brotherhood and camaraderie among one and all in Oman. Businessmen and traders went out of their way to give the best rates possible and donated items for the project. This was a clear testimony that charity work and volunteerism unite the community and go beyond borders of race, social status or religious beliefs” said spokesperson of AOL - Oman division.

This initiative by G4S highlights their ongoing efforts to give back to our community, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.” he added.

Source: Muscat Daily

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