The Kumudvathi River Rejuvenation Project

Posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Bangalore city’s drinking water needs are set to reach 22.68 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) by 2015, while as of now the river Cauvery would only be able to supply 17.22 TMC.

Moreover, the Tippagondanahalli reservoir, located just outside the city at the confluence of the Kumudvathi and the Arkavathy rivers, which has been supplying water since the 1930s, now runs dry.

The Kumudvathi River, which flows across 278 villages, covering 460 Sq. Km in 3 taluks, has the potential to augment Cauvery's water to satisfy Bangalore’s needs.

The main causes for the drying up of the river are urban encroachment and deforestation as well as unsustainable extraction of ground water and loss of traditional knowledge. Urban encroachment led to the destruction of the catchment areas that feed the river, while deforestation has loosened the soil’s water-holding capacity. Indiscriminate planting of species such as Eucalyptus also interfere with the natural recharge process.

The Art of Living Foundation, under the banner of the Volunteer For A Better India Movement, has taken up the responsibility of rejuvenating the river.

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