Strong arms - The Yoga Way

Posted on: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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“I remember watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s documentary Pumping Iron when I was a school boy. The sheer size of his muscles left me wondering if it was humanly possible to achieve anything even close to those huge arms and shoulders. The coming years saw hours spent at the local gym trying to get a good chiseled body. As the scene shifted from classroom to workplace, so did the meaning of a good chiseled body. And what was left of that ambition was to keep the tummy line in check. My arms were never that strong and always had problem doing push-ups and pull ups. Eventually, I started feeling embarrassed every time I was supposed to lift something heavy and couldn’t hold on for long. I don’t even feel like going to a gym anymore due to a hectic work schedule”, says Anish, a blogger from Bangalore.

Many of us have similar desires of strong arms or flat abs or a well-toned body, but our schedules don’t give us that space to squeeze in a one hour gym routine. So how do we get to our goal? Well, if you are willing to take out 20 minutes for yourself, yoga can do wonders for you.

Click here to know some yoga postures that will help you gain stronger arms...............

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