A journey from Addiction & Despair to Happiness & Joy

Posted on: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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UJJWAL SHANKAR shares his story with NARAYANI GANESH, of moving from a miserable life filled with substance abuse and despair to a beautiful life filled with happy thoughts and high spirit.
He found it extremely difficult to resist the lure of intoxicants and mood enhancers like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The young Ujjwal Shankar liked to be on a perpetual high, even as he found himself drifting away from his near and dear ones. Barely into his 20s, Shankar, a hardened addict, would grab at any excuse to feed an addiction that disassociated him from reality. Admits Shankar, “For a decade, I was into smoking, drinking and drugs. When I was about to complete school, I picked up my first cigarette. In college, it became a status or ego issue. Soon, smoking was no longer ‘for fun’ — it became a habit that was difficult to kick.”

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