'Youth are the only hope to corruption-free India': Sri Sri

Posted on: Friday, June 21, 2013

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VASCO: Politicians have lost their reputation and that is the reason they are considered so low in society said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar while speaking during the Anandotsav 2013 at Bits Pilani auditorium in Zuarinagar. 

He said, "There are good people in all political parties but they now need to make their voice louder so that their noble ideas reach out to the party. Politicians should first think about the country then about their party and last of all, they should think about themselves. But what we see is the reverse," He said that the best solution would be with youngsters. He asked the youth to take the forefront and gain control of the country in their hand. "Only then can we think of a corruption-free and strong nation," he said. 

On his view on education, he said, "We need a multi-talented India. That is the need of the hour! Along with education they should also develop skills." 

He stressed on youth taking up social causes. He cited examples of youth working on rivers so that water gets supplied to the rural parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, making land in the interiors fertile. 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar requested the crowd to leave all sorts of addictions and get the help of their institution 'Art Of Living' to rid themselves of such evils. He said all religions teach you spirituality and a sense of belongingness. "To be happy, we need to have passion and also dispassion to know how to let go and compassion. This is the only way to live happily," he said.  

Source: TOI

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