For a single drop of water...

Posted on: Thursday, April 18, 2013

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What started as a birthday resolve to feed animals ended in a possible life-changing decision for Pawan Gandhi on March 4th. It all started when Pawan spoke to a few Sarpanches (village heads) of few villages. When asked if he could donate food for animals, Pawan was met with a surprise."Food is not a worry, but could you give us water?," they said. The next day, when Pawan drove in with a 50,000 litres of water –tanker, the  villagers of Baradari in Ahmednagar came running.
Women had tears, hands folded in gratitude. Children jumped around while men raised Pawan on their shoulders.

Click here to read in detail this inspiring story of service by a Volunteer for a Better India and an Art of Living Faculty

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