DSN in the UK with super combo deal to do Pre TTC

Posted on: Saturday, April 20, 2013

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DSN translates to "Do Something Now". It is a rigorous and transformational course that empowers participants to break through personal inhibitions and barriers and access inner stability and power. We each have a deep desire to be the best we can be - for ourselves, our families, our communities and even our world - but many of us have personal barriers, old habits, or inhibitions that hold us back and keep us from fully participating in life.Old emotional wounds, self-concepts, attitudes, and fears can also be obstacles to living the life we really want. DSN uses a powerful combination of yoga, Padmasadhna, group processes, and deep spiritual knowledge to break through personal barriers and create personal empowerment.
Pre-requisites: This course is open to all those who have completed the Art of Living Part 1 and Part 2 courses.

Please follow this link to register:

Dates & Timings
16th - 19th May 
Report 16th May Thursday evening at 7.00pm
17th & 18th May 7.00am onwards
19th May Sunday evening 6.00pm finish

Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch (Hyde Park Suite)
Bryanston Street 
London W1H 7EH

£ 297 early bird for only the first 20 registrations
£ 315, 2nd early bird only for the next 20 registrations
£ 350 registrations thereafter

Please note: This course is NON-RESIDENTIAL. Please get in touch if you require accommodation.

Contact for registrations: 
Sarita saritamenonl@gmail.com
Jagruti jagzb@hotmail.com
Palavi pav_patel@yahoo.com
Jyotsana Jyotsana2707@gmail.com

Contact for accommodation:
Bhushan chhabrabhushan@gmail.com
Vikram vnarain74@gmail.com

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