Now you can display Art of Living Course/follow up details on YOUR blog!

Posted on: Saturday, March 23, 2013

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We wish to share a wonderful news with you.

Now you can share the details of Art of Living Courses & Followup details ON YOUR BLOG / Website and help spread the highest knowledge!

To do this there is a simple code that you need to insert in your blog post, and once its done, all the Art of Living Courses / followups will be displayed on your blog.

How to install the code?
1) Copy the code mentioned below:

<iframe height="950" src="" width="100%"></iframe><br/><br/>
<b>Source:</b> <a href=>Art of Living Course / Followup </a>

2) Create a new post on your blog, and paste the above code in the html window. 
3) Publish the post

DONE! Your blog will now have the updated details on the Art of Living Courses happening worldwide.

Feel free to share this code with all your  friends. 

Also, do share your blog / website post link with us, once you are done with inserting the above code.

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