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Posted on: Friday, March 22, 2013

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Who would have imagined a dyslexic child with a tough childhood would one day become a multi-award winning book’s author? Michael Fischman has achieved that through his book ‘Stumbling into Infinity: An Ordinary Man in the Sphere of Enlightenment’.
 Michael’s unerring determination, to enter an unexplored adventure ride, to have a deeper understanding of oneself is what the book is about.
 ‘Stumbling into Infinity’ is essentially a personal memoir of his encounters with his spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
 Being one of the founding members and current president of the Art of Living Foundation in the United States, he shares a deep spiritual connection with the Guru.
 When probed about how he overcame his learning disability, he says,”I never overcame it.
 I am still dyslexic but I believe that if one has a dream and a purpose, then these small obstacles shouldn’t be a problem.
 It was quite tough to compile a whole book.”
 It took Michael five years to finish his book.
 The eureka moment was not just one he says, “I used to share my deep meditation experiences and mystical doubts with Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar).
 So it was Guruji who told me to write a book to share my experiences and understanding of life with the world.”
 The book has won 2012 Nautilus Book Awards and was a finalist at the USA Book News 2011 Book Awards.
 Being the son of a Holocaust survivor, Michael had a not-somerry childhood.
 “I had an abusive father.”
 Through his book Michael relives his inner traumas and failures he overcame in his life.
 Michael is a former advertising executive with Ogilvy and Mather.
 His reasons to give up his successful career were more spiritual than anything else, “It was a natural transition.
 I wasn’t happy with the life I was leading.
 Deep inside, I was searching for a higher truth, the meaning of my life made me restless.”
 Michael has been on the path of spirituality for the past twenty-five years.
 “I did a one-week course on ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ under Art of Living.
 The course relaxed and rejuvenated me.
 Then I got a chance to meet Guruji.
 Guruji’s knowledge, passion and compassion attracted me and my relation with him grew by day.
 As a guru, he has been a companion in my search to find myself.
 I would say it was overall an enjoyable adventure,” he speaks about his first meeting with Guruji.
 Michael always had the inevitable question about death and after life, he says, “One night when I was about three years old, I saw my Grandpa beside my bed.
 He was transparent as a mist of smoke, he wanted to say something to me, but he couldn’t.
 I got scared and out of panic I shouted and cried.
 Later I came to know that the time my Grandpa’s figure appeared in my room collided with the time he died.
 This intrigued me a lot.
 Since then I wanted to understand the meaning of the whole incident.
 And that search did not become unfruitful,” smiles the author.
 Michael feels that people have misunderstood the meaning of spirituality, and are always insearch of material benefits to gain happiness.
 “The worldly pleasures do not make one happy because real happiness should come from inside,” says Michael.
 Michael Fischman who was in the state for the first time came for the launch of his book

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