Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Inaugurates ​​111th Annual Session of the Phd Chamber

Posted on: Sunday, December 4, 2016

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who on Saturday inaugurated the 111th Annual Session of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of its President and Sr. Vice President, Dr. Mahesh Gupta and Mr. Gopal S Jiwarajka emphasized on ethics in business for transforming India to be one of the leading global economic power with calling upon the audience present on the occasion to adopt well established values and ethics in their day-to-day life to keep high moral grounds to inspire youths.

It is these higher moral grounds coupled with amalgamation of ethics with them is going to transform India as intended and desired to keep our society in particular and business and economy clean and transparent to set new grounds of morality that could be followed in times to come by one and all, pointed out Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Indian businesses and those in charge of capital creation with their hard work and toil would have to be given a due respect by society so that the business and employment grow. His Holiness also called upon the Chamber of Commerce to open up anti corruption cells in their organization and fight those that implicate the businessmen with false allegations.

Referring to ongoing crisis in Jammu & Kashmir, the His Holiness appealed to all kashmiri’s youth not to talk of Azaadi and on the contrary get integrated with rest of India through enterprise and such initiatives.

Following his discourse with the audience present on the occasion of 111th Annual Session of the PHD Chamber, His Holiness gave away the PHD Chamber Annual Awards for Excellence in variety of fields.

Source: Day After India

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