Seva Opportunity at YLTP Desk

Posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Dear ones,

You all must be very well aware of our published monthly newsletter 'Seva Times', we are in the process of strengthening it. It is the platform which publishes all the good work that is done by our Team of Teacher's, Yuvacharya's, & Volunteer's in the rural areas. The mission of Seva Times is that it should reach the common man, as well as reach the government offices and the other ministries.

The vision behind Seva Times is:
  • to showcase all the good work done by our team at the grass root level
  • to encourage the ones who are already doing it
  • to motivate the others to join them
  • to replicate the Best practices.
The river rejuvenation and the model village projects are two such examples, where we have been growing because we are able to replicate the time tested best practices by sharing and learning.

We wish that those, who can be a part of this team can come forward and contribute in:
  • Documenting / reporting about Art of Living programs happening in your vicinity
  • Content writing
  • Reviewing English / Hindi articles, which will be shared by the editor of Seva Times
  • Designing
  • Social Media
We invite those who are passionate to serve and be a part of this vision, can join us as part timers or full timers. You can get in touch with: Ms. Mukta Sharma (+91-9620169697 |

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