Learn Ayurvedic Cooking with Kaushani Desai

Posted on: Friday, September 2, 2016

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You are feeling low and the chocolate ice cream or packet of crisps ‘calls’ out to you – it seems the ideal solution to drown yourself. Hold the thought right there: the ‘comfort’ factor will be very short-lived. How about you eat not to avoid the mood, but actually to feel good and energetic?

It’s actually about knowing what you are eating and how it is going to affect you. Have a bit of self-love and move away from what makes you low. Just get more aware, watch the quantity of your food intake and discover some mind-blowing (literally!) alternatives.

Do yourself a favor and spend an hour at our exclusive online Ayurvedic cooking show with Kaushani Desai to find out healthier food options for yourself.

4th September 2016: Indian Recipes
5th September 2016: Western Recipes

Timmings: 7:30 PM IST onwards

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