The Art of Living Summer Internship Program

Posted on: Sunday, May 1, 2016

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The Art of Living Summer Internship Program 2016 aims to provide Graduate & Undergraduate Students with an opportunity to learn new skills & get ready for their professional endeavours by gaining precious experience in the non-profit sector.

The hands on experience that the interns get during the internship not only adds value to them professionally but it also aids in shaping their career with a sense of social responsibility.

The Art of Living Summer Internship Program happens to be a great opportunity for someone who is looking to gain the valuable experience of working on a professional setup. For more information you can visit our Facebook page: Click Here

Candidates can also show interest and ask queries by filling in the Google Form: Click Here

Internship Duration: 9 June - 26 July 2016

Eligibility criteria for the Internship Interview Rounds:
  1. Completion of The Art of Living Happiness Program (YES!, YES!+ would also do)
  2. Recommendation from an Art of Living Happiness Teacher for the Summer Internship Program - 2016.
Please note that the shortlisted candidates shall be provided with accommodation and food during their internship tenure. Also, the shortlisted students would be expected to comply with the guidelines of the Art of Living International Center during their stay.

For further details and clarifications: +91 8892744250 | +91 9742002513

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