Renewable Biomass Energy At Art of Living International Center

Posted on: Thursday, July 9, 2015

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One of its profound contributions is the initiative to promote and popularize the utility of BIO OORJA - a unique bio gas plant that not only produces bio-gas from kitchen waste but serves as an alternative fuel for 70 kg of cooking gas or 5 LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a mixture of mainly propane and butane) cylinders.

With a sprawling 10000 square feet kitchen that caters to innumerable people every day, disposing the food waste and plastic material that may well sum up to more than 1000 kgs each day was a huge challenge for the Art of Living Ashram. The setting up of Bio Oorja has not only provided an eco-friendly solution but has also raised awareness about global environmental issues.

The 1 metric ton Bio Oorja plant is a compact biogas plant that comparatively consumes less space and is more effective. It can process and convert all organic waste (primarily from agriculture & animals) into energy and manure.

The Bio Oorja plant is fully automated. All the plastic generated at the Art of Living Centre and around from nearby villages is recycled through this new system. Sustainable development is that which keeps in mind the long-term effects and benefits of any program.

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