Backbend for a Stronger Back

Posted on: Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Backbends are one of the most difficult asanas for the body to perform, as they require great flexibility and balance. Contrary to popular belief, backbend stretching is neither stressful nor dangerous, but is highly beneficial to the body as well as the mind.

One of the most notable benefits of backbends is relief from anxiety and stress. By opening up the frontal portion of the body, muscles and joints are relieved of the accumulated stress. This in turn helps one in coping with anxiety and other stress related ailments. In case of irritability, lack of sleep or even mental chatter, backbend poses bring immediate relief.

While in a fairly rounded backbend posture, the kidneys are said to go under compression, under which the blood drains out of the organ. When released, a fresh flow of oxygenated blooded rushes back into the organ, flushing out the toxins.

Also, backbend yogic asanas are said to open specific energy points (chakras) in the body, which help in the general well-being of the person, both in the physical and the spiritual sphere.

Here are some of the yoga asanas incorporating the backbend technique and its benefits!

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