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Posted on: Friday, October 17, 2014

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More than 1200 people from Kerala have joined the Art of Living Pampa River Cleaning Project.

In February, 2014 an elephant was found dead in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The post-mortem revealed huge piles of waste — including polythene bags, aluminum foil and wrappers in her abdomen.

When you visit Sabarimala, it is hard to miss the sights and smells of the garbage problem caused by people, especially during the 2-month long Sabarimala pilgrimage. To add to this, local people throw clothes in the river, pollute it with factory waste, wash clothes, and use the river as a toilet. This poses a serious threat to the wildlife and ecology of the Reserve. It is a health hazard to the lakhs of pilgrims who visit, and the population downstream, dependent on the river for water.

Love and respect for nature is one of the main teachings of the Great Lord Ayappa. As part of the 'Clean Pampa' Campain of the Art of Living, 12 to 85 year olds are serving that reminder to all.

Humanitarian and Founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, voiced his concern about the pollution of the River Pampa to Kerala Chief Minister, Umman Chandy, during His visit to Trivandrum in 2014.

Hearing the spiritual leader's message to save the river and wildlife sanctuary, The Art of Living volunteers swung into action. Vinod Nair, an Art of Living faculty, coordinated the project. While most of us are left grappling with a problem of this proportion, Mr. Nair and his team adopted a systematic approach to the clean-up.

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