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Posted on: Monday, October 27, 2014

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Ever wonder why our grandparents lived longer, stronger and healthier? Researchers talk about the abundance of organic food, the fresh air and also the outdoor activities that had become a part of daily lives and so much more. "Being healthy used to be a lifestyle," says Rafi Hossain. "It wasn't a choice that one would make. Eating well, resting, meditating, exercising - they were all taken for granted."

A huge supporter of alternative methods of healing, Rafi Hossain is a regular teacher of the Art of Living programme. The Art of Living is a combination of a breathing course, followed by yoga, meditation, asanas, etc. "In a nutshell, the art of living teaches one a proper lifestyle," says Hossain. “Meditation is a part of all cultures, and so is self contemplation," adds Hossain. "But with time, people in this part of the work began to forget it. Today, the art of living has become a trend in many parts of the west. Maybe that's why many in the subcontinent are beginning to take up this lifestyle, like their ancestors did."

The Art of living was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He has millions of followers all over the world. "More than a decade ago, I was going through a very bad phase in life," says Hossain. "I felt lost and didn't know how to share my problems with friends or family members. In fact, I could not sleep for days. I could not understand what to do." Hossain began to look for alternative healing methods to fix his sleep problem. He started off with Reiki, a touch healing programme. "While doing it, a friend in India told me about the Art of Living. I was desperate and signed up for the 6-day course only because I could not sleep. On day 2, I was sleeping like a log! I didn't have to use any medication." Rafi Hossain then met the guru himself and started practicing this alternative method of healing physical and mental aches and weaknesses regularly. He also frequently give updates on, the website portal of Art of Living.

Eventually, Hossain finished all the courses and steps and became the first certified faculty of Art of Living in Bangladesh. "I have been teaching this course in Bangladesh for the last 12 years," he says. "Of course, there are many good teachers now and I am very happy to see the lifestyle programme spreading amongst the people here."

Rafi Hossain is currently the editor of Star Showbiz, a weekly publication of the Daily Star. The next batch of classes for Art of Living will start at Inspire, a creative space in Baridhara DOHS.

Source: Daily Star

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