Meditate Before You Go Jet-setting

Posted on: Friday, June 6, 2014

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If you’ve turned up at the airport and your flight has been delayed, what can you do to pass time? The Art of Living has come with a solution - meditate.

A meditation lounge was opened at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in the city on Wednesday to encourage travellers a few minutes of solitude and peace before they scurry again to catch that all important flight.

Located at the domestic departures terminal, one can use the facility for 20 minutes at a time and find guidance from trainers at the facility.

Featuring self help posters on asanas and how to meditate, the objective is to help flyers overcome stress and feel relaxed and re-energised.

Shri Prasana Prabhu, trustee, Sri Sri Publication Trust explains, “This lounge will help high flying professionals rejuvenate within minutes, thereby helping them be more productive and stress free before they reach their next destination.”

Adding to this Shri Pranav Premnarayen, partner, Prem Associates Advertising and Marketing adds, “Today stress and restlessness are constant companions of frequent flyers and travellers across the world. Such an initiative is welcome as otherwise, we rarely get anytime to relax spiritually under the training of experienced Gurus.”

The trainers at the lounge will assist with effective and specialised Sri Sri asanas besides stacking a wide range of Art Of Living merchandise -- Wisdom series by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the form of books, audio/video CD’s and DVD’s, meditations and chants. Medicines, personal care and organic food products will also be available.

Source: The New Indian Express

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