A Little Step to Cover a Large Distance

Posted on: Thursday, May 8, 2014

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He dreamt of joining the Indian Police Services or the armed forces ever since, youth and the desire to be of ‘use’ set in. Something triggered in him when he heard an Art of Living Faculty member speak in his college auditorium. He enrolled in the program and “life changed overnight”. Suddenly becoming a Social Reformer under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was all he wanted to do. In a span of one year he became a Faculty of the Art of Living and was mentoring Youth all over India. A firm believer in standing for what is right, even if that means standing alone, meet Kapil Saini - a mentor to thousands of youngsters.

An entrepreneur from Bangalore, Kapil Saini, has taken a 6-month-break from his work to become a full time member with the Volunteer for Better India Campaign. “It is the participation of the educated and interested citizens that will encourage better candidates to contest in the elections, and that's why exercising one's franchise is very crucial”, says Kapil. He has personally conducted more than 600 seminars and trainings on Voter Awareness.

Kapil’s aim is to ensure that maximum number of people turn out to participate in the biggest democratic process in world.

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