3 Simple Steps to Weave Wisdom Into Your Day

Posted on: Sunday, March 30, 2014

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At the Sri Sri eLearning explore Wisdom Series from the comfort of your home with Swami Pragyapad ji and Kashi Bhaiya.

The online classes help you:

- Identify and break unconscious habits that stand in the way of your progress.
- Interact with a global community of hundreds under the guidance of Swamiji.

In our modern world, we are so busy and distracted that often there just doesn't seem to be enough quality time available to spend on wisdom and master the art of Self. We may have copies of wisdom books videos but may not have a possibility to get guidance at the comfort of our home. Every live session opens up possibilities and Swamiji shares techniques you can use right away to overcome challenges by taking better advantage of the time you have.

Most of us have a copy of the wisdom videos/books of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and/or Ashtavakra Gita with commentaries by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from The Art of Living. In case you have not yet got these treasures please buy, share and view/read precious gems offline. Take the road to deeper understanding, practice and live the knowledge to a whole new you.

Now take 3 simple steps to a deeper connection to your self:
  1. Sign up at no charge for practicing, dwelling and living the knowledge at elearning.artofliving.org. Enroll for either or both the courses:
    • Explore Patanjali Yoga Sutra by Dinesh Kashikar
    • Explore Ashtavakra Gita by Swami Pragyapadji
  2. Participate in the wisdom community forum discussions with hundreds across the globe, share views, review the knowledge through quiz, assignments, games, stories and more.
  3. Attend regular online live interactive video sessions with Swami Pragyapadji or Kashi Bhaiya and get deeper insights and tips.
Here's a brief video to help you understand what the sessions will be like:
Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Ashtavakra Gita

For more details write to us at: srisrielearning@artofliving.org

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