Sri Sri University launches 4 day training Programme for Odisha Government employees

Posted on: Friday, January 24, 2014

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Sri Sri University – Faculty of Good Governance and Public Policy (SSU-FGGPP) launches 4 day training Programme for the staff of the dept. of School and Mass Education, Government of Odisha today on 22.01.2014 in presence of Poojya Gurudev in the new Seminar Hall, Sri Sri University. The training program will commence from 27th Jan to 30th Jan 2014.

SSU-FGGPP intends to create ethical professionals either to join politics as leaders or managers/ CSR managers in Corporates or Social Workers or Managers of NGOs or Civil Servants or Public Relations Managers or policy think tank in Government and political outfit, nationally and internationally.

Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is quoted saying ‘There is a need to spiritualize politics, socialize business and secularize religion to make this world a better place to live’. The idea to set up a Faculty of Good Governance and Public Policy at SSU stems from this strong conviction.

The course is intended and designed for the nominated Odisha Secretariat Service cadre staff of the School & Mass Education Department, Govt. of Odisha. These staff is assumed to be involved or conversant with policy formulation, execution; monitoring and review.

It is observed that there is a huge transmission loss during transformation of information from the Secretariat to the school levels. Secondly the good practices at individual levels do not have a platform to share. The Capacity building in a relaxed atmosphere is appreciated and is the need of the time. The programme aims to attain the following:

• Shaping a vision for the department in effective policy implementation.
• Creating a climate hospitable to office management in the field of School and Mass education.
• Managing people, data and processes to foster efficiency.
• Cultivating leadership and ownership in the department.
• Better inter-personal skills and Communication
• Stress Elimination in employee leading to more awareness, belongingness and eliminate crime through psychological change
• Curb procrastination in dealing with public issues
• Negotiating and pursuading skills for managing Human Resources
• To attain group cohesion and ensure dynamism
• To eradicate conflict of interest

The guests of inuguration at the Sri Sri University Campus were H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Shri Rabi Narayan Nanda, Hon'ble Minister, School and Mass Education, Smt Usha Padhee, IAS, Commissioner cum Secretary, Dept. of School and Mass Education; Dr. A.L.Rao, President Designate, Sri Sri University; Smt Rajita Kulkarni, Board Member, Sri Sri University; Prof. K.C.Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Sri Sri University. 30 staff of S&ME dept, staff and students of Sri Sri University were present in the New Seminar Hall where the inauguration happened. The speakers pledge to make it a citadel of learning in Good Governance and Public Policy.

Source: Odisha Diary

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