Free yoga lessons for foreign workers at dormitories

Posted on: Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Following the riot which broke out in Little India nearly a month ago, foreign worker dormitories have been organising activities such as free yoga classes.

This is to encourage foreign workers to stay in during weekends.

A non-profit organisation, Art of Living Centre, has been conducting free stress relief workshops for the foreign workers.

Lessons include relaxation and breathing techniques, simple yoga stretches and motivational talks.

Karuna Malhotra, facilitator at Art of Living Centre, said: "We have been interacting with hundreds of workers in the last few weeks. We have been welcomed by several dormitories across the island and the workers seem very happy and they seem to enjoy the sessions, and over here we believe that in Singapore, the government and the society, it does its best to ensure that all residents have a good life here."

Source: Channel News Asia

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