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Posted on: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Over 500 students of MGR Janaki College took part in a Voteathon, a campaign to strengthen Indian Democracy through education and initiative conducted by the Art of living, recently.

Speaking at the event, Dinesh Ghodke, head of the youth wing at the Art of Living, highlighted the need to vote by the younger generation. “Vote, put in place the right person and once elected, ask him questions for the next five years,” he said, stressing the fact that the spirit of making change is in the hands of the youth as there are 10 lakh eligible voters who can make a difference .

The one-hour initiative was in line to instill conscience in the young generation and an inter-collegiate competition was organised. This was done to increase awareness among youth members of civil society to ask for better governance by identifying students who will take up the initiative to be more informed and help inform others to be part of the change.

The event marked the start of this campaign in Tamil Nadu with MGR Janaki College for Women as the launch pad for this voteathon initiative, which will be taken to over 1000 colleges asa part of the ‘I will vote for a better India’ move by Art of Living.

The aim of the programme is to increase voter awareness, voter registration and voter turnout, besides creating a politically-active student base.

Towards the end, the students took a pledge along with Nisha Thotta, Youth Exnora chairman, to make a responsible decision to be part of in the Indian democratic process.

Source: The New Indian Express

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