Vedic Wisdom at Bangalore Ashram from 13th January - 9th February 2014

Posted on: Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Bangalore Ashram is delighted to Announce the 'International Vedic Wisdom' from 13 Jan to 9 Feb. 2014! This program is open to all countries outside India for both males and females.

Key Elements of the Program:

  • Upanaynam Samskara Ceremony - Initiation into receiving the Vedic Knowledge.
  • Learning to perform the Sandhya Vandana – The daily practice of Japa and Homa
  • Chanting Vedic Mantras
  • Listening / reading Vedic scriptures
  • Participating in Vedic Homas
  • Field trip (Padiyatra) in rural India to experience the benefits and share the Vedic principles with people. (Optional)

  1. Participants should have done one Part II program / Art of Silence
  2. The program is for participants from all countries outside India
  3. This program is open for all- both male and female participants
  4. Personal recommendation of an Art of Living teacher / Art of Living board member is required
  5. Participant should be above 18 years of age
  6. Participant should not consume alcohol, drugs, non-vegetarian food (including eggs) and not smoke
Additional information:

  • Field trips are optional. To opt for field trips participants must have done Blessing program.
  • The contribution amount doesn't include the field trips expense.
  • Any other Art of Living Programs like Blessing, Shakti Kriya etc are not part of Vedic Wisdom Program
How to Apply?

You can apply for the Vedic Wisdom program by filling in the application form. If you get selected an email and confirmation will be send back to you. You can also contact us by sending an email to or call to: +91 8067262802

Program Eligibility:

Option I:
Program: Vedic Wisdom Course
Eligibility: 1 Part II Program (Art of Silence)

Option II:
Program: Vedic Wisdom Course with Padiyatra (field trip and giving blessings in villages)
Eligibility: Blessing Course

For those who have completed only two advance courses, a Blessing Course will be organised on 10-12 January 2014 so they can still go on Padiyatras during their Vedic Wisdom program.

Both options can be combined with attendance to International Women's Conference from 7-9 February 2014 without missing any sessions of the Vedic Wisdom program!

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