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Posted on: Thursday, December 12, 2013

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The power of a pledge can never be under-estimated. Nations have transformed and revolutions have begun with the strength of a simple pledge. Putting hand on one's heart and taking the collective commitment along with millions of people has its own role in a huge socio-cultural revolution. When millions of pledges convert into a lifetime of actions and attitudinal changes, the lives of girl children all over the world will definitely begin to witness a positive change.


In the Girl Pledge campaign, I am pledging for the Right of every Girl Child to:

- Be born into a world where boys and girls are equally valued
- Live in a safe and secure environment without fear of abuse or violence
- Go to school, study and be empowered to take decisions for herself
- Marry only after the legal age of 18 years to a man who is at least 21 years old so that she may live and develop to her fullest potential as the child that she truly is
- Eat nourishing and nutritive food thereby taking care of not just her body, but her mind and her spirit too

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