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Posted on: Friday, November 15, 2013

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Sri Sri Publications Trust now presents a never before product that helps protect us from the harmful effects of the radiations – The ANTI-RADIATION CHIP.

The Anti-Radiation Chip changes the nature of radiation, and therefore the impact of radiation from mobile phones. It acts as a Radiation Protector for Mobile Phones and improves certain health parameters of the body when fixed on the device.

People subjected to excessive Microwave Radiations tend to get stressed and suffer loss of immunity. The signals emitted by the cells of the body get affected by microwave radiations and are not able to communicate with and send signals to one another effectively. This is found due to excessive use of Mobile Phones. For people who have a high pulse rate (above 82) and who talk on their mobile phones for long periods, it has been found that the pulse rate of people decreases by about 5% after using the chip on their mobile phone.

So, protect yourself and your family from harmful radiation with easy to use Anti-Radiation Chip for your Mobile Phones.

Click here to order it online !

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