Diabetes? Yoga to the Rescue

Posted on: Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Diabetes – a name that is no longer foreign. These days, this condition can happen to anybody, irrespective of age, place, or genetic history. Yet, there’s nothing to fret about because the condition can be controlled with a little awareness and care. Good food, regular exercise, and a few minutes of yoga practice everyday – the three golden rules to remember if you are a diabetic.
But how to first find out whether you do have diabetes or not? Simple. Just look out for these common symptoms:

Are you unusually losing weight?

Do you need to pay frequent visits to the bathroom to urinate?

Do you feel hungry or thirsty too often?

If the answer to these is ‘yes’, it is quite likely that you have high blood sugar, either due to low production of insulin in the body, or lack of response from the blood cells to the insulin produced. In either case, it’s always good to consult a doctor at the earliest.
Diabetes can be classified as Type 1 or type 2 or it can even be gestational - occurring with pregnancy. Whatever the case, the earlier the condition is treated, the better it is for the individual. And for this, yoga and meditation, along with good lifestyle practices, can be your escorts.

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