A Special App for Bangalore Ashram - Now available on Iphone

Posted on: Monday, November 11, 2013

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Here is a very special Iphone App for our Art of living International Center, Bangalore which you can use as a guide when you come to ashram, and use it also when you are not in ashram!

Download and check it from http://tiny.cc/iphone-ashramapp


This app is a guide to the Art of Living Bangalore Ashram (Art of Living's International Center in Bangalore):

It includes:

1) Must See Places
Details of the places you must visit at the Bangalore Ashram.
2) Facilities
Details of various facilities and amenities at the ashram such as emergency clinic, stores, food locations, health and wellness center, divine shops, ATMs, locker room and much more.
3) Directions
Enter the source and destination and the app will guide you through the ashram.(Note: This functionality only works at Bangalore ashram)
4) Live webcast and transcription
This gives immediate access to the art of living live webcast along with transcription in English so that you do not miss anything.
5) Courses and Events
Get details of the courses and events happening at Bangalore ashram. You can check the Bangalore Ashram calendar, register for a course, subscribe to ashram events and check tour schedule of Sri Sri.
6) Contacts
Important contacts of the ashram (email addresses and phone numbers).
7) FAQs about Bangalore Ashram
All your questions and queries about Bangalore ashram answered.
8) Art of Living: One click to the Art of living website (www.artofliving.org)

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