Medicine: Not an Obligation for Good Health!

Posted on: Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Dr. Keshav Vyas has this unique question that can trigger the thoughts of a family. He is a jovial senior citizen of the nation, but a young-at-heart volunteer who trespasses the rough, long, and tiring roads of Madhya Pradesh, invoking in people the need to re-think about food. “Once in a speech at a chemist association’s meeting, I told the attendees that it is good to sell medicines and save lives, but then it is not a good idea to thrive on medicines, so we need to eat right and eat natural food. I invited them to visit the model farms built on the principles of natural farming. They were really impressed,” he says.

Dr Vyas is a retired teacher who now teaches Zero-Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), a course for farmers on natural-farming techniques that involve minimal to no expenditure.

He wishes to spend this life-time serving the society through farming. He has made major contributions to multiple national-level efforts, including working with various organizations and small-scale agriculture lovers, to convince farmers to go from practicing chemical-based farming to adopting natural-farming. He thinks the consumers can greatly motivate the farmers in this cause by buying the organic, natural food products.

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