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Posted on: Monday, August 19, 2013

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The Art of Living Nepal Library is one of the most wonderful seva projects from Art of Living graduates to engage into knowledge and wisdom that quench a seeker's thirst for knowledge as well tips to lead a healthier, balanced life. The Art of Living Nepal Library features the most popular books in The Art of Living itself from Celebrating Silence to Celebrating Love, Bang on the Door and many others. It just not features books on English but also translated versions in Nepali like मौन उत्सव .
The library not just features Art of Living books but also has plans on its extension from fiction, non-fiction, novels, dramas, journals, research papers, rare books and others. Most interesting is you can even provide your book on contract for certain period of time as requested from the library. The membership is open for everyone currently at Art of Living .

Wouldn't you like to be LUCKY Member of the Library ?

Would you like to also donate a book?
Soon the library has some more plans on lecture series, documentary screenings, Knowledge sessions screenings, Meet the Author and several others.

Till then BE A MEMBER to be updated about the PROGRESS .

LIBRAY Timings :
Every Thursday - 4:00 PM till 6:00 PM
Every Friday - 4:00 Pm till 6:00 PM

CONTACT : 01-4494500, 01-2030229

Also, Volunteer opportunities available. Make an enquiry. Only Limited ones are selected.

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