Five Tips for Men to Make Meditation a Habit

Posted on: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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The benefits of meditation are amazing. They include enhanced physical health, relief from anxiety and depression, more energy and creativity, better concentration, higher productivity, improved relationships, and increased self-actualization. In summary, regular meditators become healthier and happier.

Some people, including former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, feel that exercise, such as walking, is their meditation. While exercise is necessary for a healthy body and does relieve stress, research shows that meditation has unique benefits, especially the deep rest that it gives, which is much deeper than sleep.

Why not convert the sporadic joy and peace that you experience through occasional meditation into a daily dose of bliss. If you’re open to joining the millions around the world who enjoy the life-changing benefits of meditating on a daily basis, over the link below, are some tips.

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