Yoga teacher shows the way to healthy body, mind and positive energy

Posted on: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Muscat: He radiates positive energy, which, perhaps, explains his popularity. Young Hassan Tafti has taken on the task of making people live a better life. By advocating yoga and conducting advanced courses, Hassan Tafti has found keen admirers for himself. A Facebook fan page dedicated to him is a proof of this fact.

An international travelling teacher of The Art of Living Foundation, Hassan has been travelling round the world, conducting courses that help people lead a better life, especially through yoga. He was in Oman to lead the Yogathon.

"His courses are like the cool breeze that carries away the scorching heat and leaves you soothed and content. His is a unique style of making knowledge tangible, and his presentation very simple. He is just one of us, and does not make us feel the distance. His advance courses are like the much looked forward to dessert after a meal. They leave a pleasantly lingering taste in your mouth for quite some time. Really an unforgettable experience," states a website dedicated to him. You meet him and you sense the energy.

Hassan Tafti has been a yoga teacher and an international travelling teacher of the Art of Living Foundation for the last 11 years. Through programmes conducted across the world, the foundation has been responsible for teaching and spreading awareness about yoga to a diverse crowd.

His first experience performing the Sudarshan Kriya at a course conducted by the Art of Living Foundation left a "lasting impression" on him, following which he pursued yoga at higher levels and, eventually, went on to teach yoga across the world. He states, "We are searching everywhere for peace of mind, happiness, joy, and enthusiasm, and it's right there beneath our noses—our breath."

The recent Yogathon 2013 is the second of its kind in Muscat. It is a free-of-cost, health awareness event. Tafti's two-hour session covers demonstrations of a range of yogasanas, and its impact on the body and mind, the benefits of meditation, and tips on Ayurvedic health care. "The people here are physically fit and are open to learning," says Tafti.

The Art of Living Foundation Oman brought "Yogathon & I Meditate" as a part of the "Yoga for Health Festival" initiative.

This initiative was in partnership with the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Ministry of Health. Yogathon is a 12-pose yoga sequence, which is a great workout for the whole body, involving stretching, flexing, and toning the muscles. It is also an excellent exercise for weight loss. In addition, yoga offers numerous health benefits that go beyond physical fitness, such as relaxing the mind and meditation.

Source: Times of oman

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