Security minister commends Shaggy, Art of Living

Posted on: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Minister of National Security Peter Bunting yesterday commended the Art of Living Foundation and Shaggy for collaborating on a rehabilitation project for inmates at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston.
Bunting was speaking at a concert, organised at the facility, which was part of a four-month programme that teaches inmates skills for reducing stress, healing trauma, and provides practical knowledge of how to handle emotions.
The minister said, "This programme is an example of the kind of initiative I hope to see replicated all across Jamaica. It is what I have been calling all well-thinking Jamaicans and institutions - churches, academia, private sector and NGOs - to commence in the national effort to reduce crime and violence."
The minister lauded the Art of Living Foundation for its work in the Jamaican correctional system, noting that such programmes would encourage behavioural change, healing, and personal growth.
The minister said, "The majority of inmates in the correctional system will return to the society within three years, so it is critical that they be prepared to reintegrate as productive members of society."
The afternoon's activities included performances from inmates and comedians Ity and Fancy Cat. The main performance came from Shaggy, and Sly and Robbie performed hits that provided uplifting messages and inspiration for the inmates.
The minister commended Shaggy as popular entertainer who always gives back to the most vulnerable in society.
The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious, humanitarian NGO that spreads peace through engagement in projects such as conflict resolution and prisoner rehabilitation.

Source: Jamaica-Star

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