5 secrets to weight loss

Posted on: Friday, March 8, 2013

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With the advent of fast food, fast life style there came a silent killer who occasionally made rounds on the daily tabloids. Now we have the whole world talking about it - obesity. People are more aware of it than before and no stone is left unturned to counter-attack it. Most of the common question which comes to us while countering is the way to choose a good path to shred those love handles into six packs or to have a picture perfect summer body.

There can be many ways to lose weight, one can opt for weight training, cardio workouts, circuit trainings but the core ingredients on these paths are dedication, approach, commitment, disciplined lifestyle. Today we look at 5 best secrets that yoga has to offer on weight loss. These tips when put into practice into your regular lifestyle can help you tone your muscles and reduce your weight.

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