Suicide should not be an option: Art of Living convenor

Posted on: Thursday, September 27, 2012

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MARGAO: Expressing his dismay over the recent spate of suicides, including those of college and school students, general physician and convener of the Art of Living, Venkatesh Hegde, has provided two numbers-9422063255 and 9423884822- that will act as helplines for those who wish to seek guidance when in distress.

While addressing mediapersons on Tuesday, Hegde stressed the need for parents to establish strong relationships with their children and said that educational institutes should impart emotion management skills and how to cope with pressure.

When asked to comment on the recent development of the government mining official committing suicide, Hegde said that suicide should never be an option for anyone and that everyone in every walk of life, including politicians, face a lot of pressure.

"One can only toughen their mind when they are faced with difficulties. But that is a way of life and we have to learn to cope with such anxieties and personal troubles," said Hegde.

He suggested various mechanisms like breathing techniques one should try and use when distressed and recommended yoga classes and other physical activities. Pursuing one's talents such as dancing and singing could help people de-stress and be an avenue for them to express themselves, he added.