Live Interaction with Kashiji - Must Attend Event!

Posted on: Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Jai Gurudev,
Tomorrow, 30th September 7:00 pm IST (1.30 pm GMT) interact live with Kashiji (Senior Art of Living Teacher) from Bangalore Ashram through One World Family, The Art of Living Social Network.

Kashiji will speak with us about 'Do Good, Feel Good', how meditation, yoga and service can transform your daily life. He will also share his experiences with Sri Sri and it will be open for Q&A.

To be with Kashiji on Sunday, confirm your participation @, once you log on you will find a welcome video with simple instructions how to join.

If you are still not a registered user at one world family, create your account now @ Invite your friends and family members to be part of the event.

For assistance you can reply to this email us on event is hosted by One World Family, The Art of Living's Social Network.

Watch the video below which has all the details of the above event with beautiful illustrations