Violence Lingers, Yet Love Conquers

Posted on: Sunday, August 5, 2012

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Day 15 in Assam. Trauma continues, here and there, in bits, pieces and chunks. Miscreants loaded in trucks, jeeps and bikes, men, women and children, with torches in hand, chasing the villagers, looting their houses and then charring them to ashes. Missing police and security, all adding up to a loss of sensibilities. But, hope still prevails. In the midst of unheard screams and trauma, love—persistent, devoid of the general mood—continues to heal and uplift the spirits of the traumatized.

Soldiers of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji are working tirelessly. Armed with love, belonging, patriotism, unflinching focus, the power of meditation, and the grace of their Guru, they are sowing seeds that will take root in the deepest of the soils of consciousness.

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