science of spirituality: Bawa and Dinesh Ghodke

Posted on: Sunday, August 19, 2012

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There are just three things that you feel being rich can get you…
Happiness, comfort and freedom.
You can buy whatever you wish, you feel that this can make you happy. You can live in style, whatever style you choose. And you will have the freedom to do whatever you wish when you have Laxmi’s backing… :-) Hmmm…
However, we have seen that there are people who CAN buy what they wish, and they are not happy… Who really do live a life style of their choice and are not satisfied and have the freedom to do what they wish, when they wish and still don’t go and meet their loved ones over the weekend... :-)

So, you can be extremely rich and have all the stuff money can buy, and have houses all over the world in the most exotic locations, no homes though … And have all the freedom you could wish for and still feel incomplete and frustrated.
The missing link here is spirituality… Not having explored inwards, no amount of outward exploration (after a point) has any meaning whatsoever. And when you are spiritual, you meditate, do Seva, then it really doesn’t matter if you have money or not, Happiness, comfort AND freedom will chase you!
You will be extremely happy with what you have, yet you will strive for more, not as a pursuit of happiness but as an expression of happiness. You will be comfortable and at ease almost everywhere. Every place will be home, each person you meet family. And the freedom and security that a meditator has is incomparable to the mundane freedom that others only think they enjoy… A person who has faith only in bank accounts and bricks and stones will sooner or later come to ruin, a person who places his faith in the unseen can never fall!
Gurudev, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji once mentioned that for a Sadhak, you may even have the experience of falling, but you dont fall, you will never fall… This is my guarantee!
One who lives life like this is the one who is truly rich!

Sadhana has a beautiful meaning: Dhan means wealth… Sadhana means that wealth which will forever be yours, across time and space and lifetimes. The hours of meditation that you have put in, are forever credited into your account…