Bogotá Meditates: 4000 people meditated in Colombia

Posted on: Monday, August 13, 2012

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On Augut 9, the Art of Living volunteers in Colombia made history by gathering 4000 people to meditate, in an event called Bogotá Meditates. This massive meditation took place in Plaza la Santamaría, the old bullfighting ring where only just a couple of months ago animals where sacrificed.

Music, yoga, breathing technics and, of course, meditation where some of the activities planned for this magical evening. The rain and the sun where equally protagonists, intercalating through out the event, but the weather was not an impediment for assistants to enjoy a very deep meditation, guided by Teacher Training Course teacher Rakesh Kokkeril.

The forty participants of TTC, replicated the Yoga Performance routine of the World Culture Festival, creating a magical atmosphere in the Plaza that passed on to the crowed. Fabulous musicians as Hector Buitrago and Natalia Bedoya, as well as the Art of Living Satsang Band, brought joy and celebration to the assistants who were in bliss by the end of the event.

Among the assistants were Bogota’s deputies Maria Victoria Vargas, Venuz Albeiro Silva and Diego Garcia, as well as representative from mayor’s office, Luis Hernando Otalvaro. This important personalities decided to take initiative in organizing Art of Living Courses in Colombia.