Meditators’ speak: 7 Songs of Innocence

Posted on: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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“When the mind transcends the senses, it comes back to its true nature which is innocence – in no sense.”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Beauty is best expressed in the song of the heart. The following verses capture these magical reflections of a few people-of-the- grown-up-world for whom meditation has been the return to innocence.

When we think child, ‘innocence’ naturally comes to our mind. In the journey of growing up, this innocence somehow hides itself in some silent corner of our existence. However, just the memory of this innocence brings with it unbounded joy, a contagious smile and an overwhelming feeling of pleasantness.

The truth is: it is possible to be in that beautiful space of innocence even now as adults. Meditation leads us by the hand on this journey, from an ignorant childish innocence to a wisdom-filled, child-like innocence.

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